public meeting presentation – 
february 16, 2024

The Public Meeting held on February 16, 2024 at the Black Forest Community Center  can be found here. The purpose and goal of the meeting was to collect questions and feedback on the project as well as provide an accurate presentation of the project and mission of El Paso County Nature Centers.

public meeting materials –
February 16, 2024

The maps, renderings, and other exhibit materials provided at the public meeting at Black Forest Community Center on February 16, 2024 can be found here.

traffic impact study for fox run nature center el paso county, colorado –
may 2023

This traffic impact study is provided as a planning document and addresses the capacity, geometric, and control requirements associated with the development entitled Fox Run Nature Center. This proposed recreational development consists of a nature center. The development is located within the Fox Run Regional Park occupying the northwest corner of Stella Drive and Roller Coaster Road in El Paso County, Colorado. 


The Master Plan update process was designed to comprehensively address the needs of parks, trails, open space, and recreation and cultural services throughout EL Paso County in a strategic way. The Master Plan Endeavors to provide a sustainable approach to allocation of resources for the next five to ten years. The Process reaffirms essential goals and objectives of the previous Master Plan, while incorporating needed changes and new ideas based on input by stakeholders and analysis of data. The Master Plan will guide the County’s efforts to continue to provide a high quality of parks, recreation, and natural, historical and cultural interpretation services that are valued by citizens.

el paso county parks master plan –
june 2013

El Paso County Parks currently owns or manages approximately 6,500 acres of park land and open space; 2,500 acres of conservation easements; a system of regional and internal park trails and nature centers; and the El Paso County Fair and Events Complex. This Master Plan is intended to provide a vision for the future of El Paso County parks, trails, and open space along with recreation and cultural services programs. It explores existing conditions and future needs from the vantage point of many stakeholders to provide a roadmap for the future and identify action items for the next five to ten years and beyond.

Northern El Paso County Nature Center in Fox Run Regional Park – Master Interpretive Plan

The vision for the Northern Nature Center in Fox Run Regional Park is built on many years of successful operation, management, and community service at El Paso County’s Bear Creek and Fountain Creek Nature Centers. The popularity and record of impact of these existing facilities illustrates the potential of the Northern Nature Center to educate and inspire a new generation of outdoor stewards in El Paso County. This location expands the ecosystem themes to include the ponderosa forest ecosystem of the Black Forest and the Palmer Divide.


Based on detailed site analysis, extensive public input, discussions with stakeholders, thorough financial analysis, and a desire for a site that inspires and captivates, the Feasibility Study recommends Fox Run Regional Park as the location for a Nature Center in Northern El Paso County.” The public support and popularity of the park will provide a great start to the new nature center programs and events. For several years the nature camps in Fox Run Regional Park have filled to capacity and guided hikes and programs are always very popular. The park also offers a wonderful example of the greater Black Forest ecology.