Updates: Fox Run Nature Center!
by Theresa Odello, Recreation & Cultural Services Manager
The arrival of summer brought a flurry of excitement as we embarked on a mission to engage our
local community in a transformative project – the development of a new nature center. This
center, with a mission as an investment in future generations to inspire and create stewards of
nature in the Pikes Peak region, is a testament to our commitment to a sustainable, eco-conscious
design. To ensure the center resonates with the needs and desires of our community, we initiated
a series of outreach opportunities during the summer, inviting people to provide feedback and
actively participate in shaping the project’s direction.
Public meetings provided bookends for our outreach season, starting with one in May and ending
in November. Participants had the opportunity to see the design plans, share their ideas, and offer
insights on how the center could best serve the community.
Outreach at community events included the State of the Outdoors, concerts in the park, Get
Outdoors Day, Black Forest farmers market, Panorama Park BackPack Bash, and more.
Participants provided feedback on what they like best about nature centers, what
features/programs/opportunities they would like to see, and obstacles preventing them from
visiting nature centers.
Summer was a season of connection, growth, and inspiration as we embarked on our journey to
create a new nature center that resonates with our community’s values. The diverse insights and
enthusiasm gathered from these outreach initiatives have become an integral part of the center’s
design. With the invaluable input of our community, we are one step closer to creating a nature
center that truly reflects our collective love for the environment and our commitment to its
preservation. Join this effort by donating to this nature center and together we will build a lasting
legacy that will inspire generations to come.



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